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Local Search Related Questions

Mathew Coghlan -


If you're facing any challenges in local search you pick the brains of the BrightLocal team and community here. Please leave the details in the comments below and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

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    Ken Gregory


    What's the best practice for the following scenario?

    My client has two offices in two cities. Do I list them both on the same Contact page or create separate Contact pages for each address?

    I'm planning on citation bursts for each location but don't want to confuse Search Engines.



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    Rich McCabe

    Well does not look like there is any activity here, but going to give it a shot anyway.

    I like the Brightlocal format and generally impressed.

    I have 8 days left on trial and hope to sign up for SEO Pro. I also have a large citation campaign in process as a test.

    So my issues are as follows :)

    Inbound link count is totally skewed. Customers competition has 2 times as many inbound links (if not more) and Local Search audit says we have 212 incoming links and they have 9. So not even close as I know from looking at AHREF report they are blowing us out of the water with inbound links.

    Meta Keywords? Why would you use Meta Keywords this day and age?

    My local Search Audit has 12 "poor" heading tags? Why? All pages have H1 tag with unique heading

    Hcard format? Why? Has proper structured data per Google.

    Google Map on contact us page using Yoast local option. Says we have no map.

    Share button. No matter what wordpress share button I use, not recognized in report.

    Review dates are not correct. Last three reviews show todays report date and not the Google date from weeks ago. Oddly enough in one report every review date is the 24th regardless of month or year.

    Onsite local SEO Score shows "good" based on Brightlocal algorithm but not any info on where any issue may be.

    I am trying to use this as a tool to show the customer what is going on but it contradicts what we already have seen.


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    Ryan Jensen

    Just started my trial. It is concerning to me that no one has responded to these posts and the issues raised here.

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    Rich McCabe


    This forum should not even be online. I eventually spoke with them and this area has been closed but they obviously still have ways to get here :)

    In a nutshell most my issues were valid and should be fixed in an update later this year.

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