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Local SEO Check Up report explained

Mathew Coghlan -


Summary Analysis of your Local SEO Results - 

This table provides a quick view of the overall state of your SEO. We condense the findings of each section into a simple summary score. We do this using a smart little algorithm which is has been uniquely created for the report.

Off-Site SEO Analysis -

  • Site Pages Indexed: How many pages of your site the search engines are indexing. If the search engines are not indexing all of your website pages you may want to find out why.
  • Site Authority: Scores are measures of your site’s ‘Authority' in the eyes of search engines. The more Authority you have, the higher up the search results you appear.
  • Inbound Link Count: Inbound links are the number of hyperlinks which appear on other websites and click through to your site. Links are very important for SEO; the more inbound links your site has, the more Authority it has.
  • Website (Domain) Age: This is the date your website was registered. Search engines trust older websites more than new websites.
  • Hosting Location: This is where the servers which host your website are located. It's good for your site to be hosted in your own country.

Search Engine Ranking Report - 

This table shows the positions (‘rankings’) that your website or business appears in for your chosen search terms. We search for your details in the 3 largest search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) and within their local search services (Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local).

Within the search results we look for your website/business name and show you the ranking in which you appear. If we find more than 1 result for your website/business then we will report multiple results in the ranking results table. We look through the top 50 results and if you don't appear in the top 50 we'll return a result of >50.

You obviously want to appear as high up the search rankings as possible so lower numbers are good. The aim should be for you to appear in positions 1, 2 & 3 as many times as possible. If you have lots of >50 results that means you have a lot of work to do, but everything to gain - the only way is up!

On-Site SEO Report - 

This section analyzes the On-Site SEO factors that affect your ability to rank high in search engines, we crawl a maximum of 100 pages.

On-Site SEO factors are things on your website - either visible on the page (which you can see) or in the code of your website (which you can’t see, but search engines can). It's easier to improve SEO factors on your own site because you have control over it.

Code Review Summary

  • Page Titles: Each page on your site has a Page Title which appears in the code of the page and tells Google what each page is about. This is very important for SEO. Page titles should be unique to each page.
  • Meta Description & Keywords: Each page also has a meta description & meta keywords which appear within the code of the page. This gives you another option to tell Google exactly what your page is about. They should be unique to each page and contain your primary keywords.
  • Heading Tags: These sit in the code of your site that highlight the most important content on a page. They tell Google which content to pay most attention to.
  • Robots.txt File: This sits in your website code. It tells Google which pages on your site to look at & which to ignore.
  • Flash Landing Page: Some websites have a flash landing page in front of their homepage. Google can’t easily read Flash and it can block Google from indexing your site.
  • hReview & hCard Formats: These are special types of code which make it easier for Google to read the customer testimonials & the physical address which you have on your site.
  • Error Pages: These are pages which have problems but are visible to Google. These should be corrected ASAP.
  • Friendly ('Readable') URLs: These are URLs that are easy to read - i.e. they don’t contain lots of odd characters - *//?$__id=34tsh6

Content and link review

  • Primary Keywords & Locations: You should use your most important Keywords & Locations prominently in your site text & Page Title. This gives Google a clear message about what your business does & where which helps your search rankings.
  • Outbound Links: These are clickable links from your website out to other sites. Having some outbound links is good, but too many can ‘pass’ your SEO onto other sites.
  • Internal Links: Internal links connect pages on your site to each other. You can use links to tell Google lots about the content of your site.
  • XML Sitemap: A Sitemap is like a contents page for your site and helps Google to properly index your site.
  • Physical Address: Having your physical address on your website is important for Google+ Local rankings. Google looks for an address on your site to confirm the address it has on record for you.
  • Google Map/Map Link on Contact Us: Having a Google Map/Map Link on your site makes it easy for Google to verify your physical location.

Local Directory Listing Report - 

Local Online Directories are the modern equivalent of the Yellow Pages. As more local consumers turn to the internet to find information about local businesses these directories are seeing a huge growth in users.

Of the thousands of local directories available on the internet only a handful stand out in terms of their large audience size and their importance to Google & your SEO. These directories can be a direct source of new customers but they can also boost your local SEO ranking. Therefore it's important that your business is listed on all these leading directories and that your business information on them is correct.

Most of these directories offer a 'Free Listing' option that allows you to submit basic information such as Business Name, Address and Contact Number. You can boost your ranking on many of these directories by enhancing your listing with extra detail about your business including a description, list of services, photos, customer reviews and special offer coupons.

Content - Name, address and phone number - 

It's important for your Business Name, Address and Phone Number to be recorded consistently across all the main search engines and local directories. Incorrect information can be confusing for customers and also for Google. Google likes to verify the information it holds about your business with other sources such as local online directories.

If your Name, Address & Phone Number are the same on each site in the table below then great. If there are any discrepancies then you should update the incorrect results by claiming your listing on these directories and correcting the wrong information.

Google+ Local - Content & Competitor Report - 

This section analyzes your performance in Google+ Local. Google+ Local is Google's local search service and contains listings of local businesses, organisations and places. Google often shows Google+ Local results for searches that contain a location and it is also used in Google's local applications on mobile phones. Google+ Local is therefore a very powerful local marketing tool and should be used by all local businesses.

  • Content Report - Your Business Listing: This table shows the details of your business listing on Google+ Local . You want to ensure your listing is as complete as possible by adding as much information as you can about your business.
  • Competitor Report: This section compares your Google+ Local listing to your top 'Google' competitors. These competitors are the top ranked companies for the search term plumbing in Boston.

Social Media Report -

This section examines your use of and popularity within Social Media. There is a lot of 'buzz' around Social Media but the potential value it holds for local businesses cannot be overlooked. It's important to 'socialise' your business (and your website) so that your customers can share their experiences with their friends and turn them into new customers.

We examine 2 sides of your social media activity; Your presence on most important social sites and integration of social buttons and widgets onto your website

Appendix - 

The Appendix is a brief overview of key information for pages of your site. Currently we only provide appendix information for up to 20 pages of your site.

The appendix records the following:

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • Internal links
  • Headline tags
  • Outbound links (no follow)
  • Response code
  • Load time
  • Number of redirects
  • Primary keyword visible

If you have any questions about how to interpret your results please feel free to get in touch with us at contact@brightlocal.com

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    Elliot Gray

    when looking at the report there are numbers pertaining to the issues found such as Primary Keyword visible on Page 3 / 73 what does that mean? or Page Titles (Unique Titles) 73 (66)

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